About US

Genex India Bioscience was establishedin the year 2004 as a distributor of cell culture products, which later on added products for molecular diagnostic and complete biotechnology research. Its main focus is in the field of Government Research Institutes, Molecular Diagnostic Labs, Biopharmaceutical Industries & Biotechnology Research & Development Centers..

  • Epigenetics

    Diagenode, the leader in the field of epigenetics, provides full solutions for your ChIP and DNA methylation

  • Cell Culture Products

    PAN-Biotech GmbH is a modern and innovative company which develops a broad range of innovative producta all around

  • Realtime qPCR

    Eurogentec offers a broad range of products and services for basic research in Genomics and Proteomics

  • Life Science

    Analytik Jena AG, demonstrates the biotechno-logical competence in Life Science area

  • Protein Research

    Thermo Antibodies and tools for protein extraction, purification, modification and detection.

  • Transfection reagents

    Polyplus-transfection manufactures and markets proprietary transfection reagents for gene expression, RNA interference

  • Stem Cell Reasearch

    Miltenyi Biotec provides products and services that advance biomedical research and cellular therapy.

  • AimPlexR Multiplex

    YSL Bioprocess Development Co. is committed to developing and providing high-quality, cost-effective assay reagents for flow cytometry analyses